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feral kitty with tipped ear TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) programs are nothing new—cat rescue organizations have been using and advocating them for years. But something new is happening in government-run animal shelters—throughout the United States, agencies are moving from incarcerating and killing healthy cats and kittens (shelter kill rates for cats as a group is 70%) to advocating TNR. As shelters everywhere feel the impact of budget cuts, sustainable, economical solutions are winning out over outdated sheltering concepts.

Spartanburg, South Carolina is now home to one of the most radical TNR programs in the U.S. What makes it radical is that Animal Services, through a grant from PetSmart Charities, is spearheading a TNR program. The shelter in Chico, California, no longer accepts healthy cats. The turnaround came after the manager of Chico Animal Services became convinced that cats, unlike dogs, do not benefit from being in a shelter, and that killing feral cats had no impact on reducing their numbers.

Here in the Bay Area, the TNR program at San Jose Animal Serivces, initiated by Deputy Director Jon Cicirelli, has resulted in a 40% drop in euthanasia. The cost is the same as keeping the cats at the shelter through stray holding period, then killing them.

Read more about changes for shelter cats at Maddie’s Fund.

Project Purr Rescued Treasures Roadshow What is it? What’s it worth? Bring your treasures for identification and appraisal by antiques expert Rob Slawinski on Thursday, 9/25, from 10-1. Suggested donation: $5 per item to benefit Project Purr. See flyer for more information.

Fall Rummage Sale Postponed! Our next sale is postponed until Spring 2015 so we can devote our time and energy to helping as many cats and kittens as possible during this year’s unprecedented kitten season. If you have been saving quality donations for us, please bring them to Rescued Treasures, Wed-Sun, 10-5. Convenient FREE parking, tax donation receipts given.

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Our long-awaited resale store, Rescued Treasures, is open in downtown Santa Cruz at 325 Front Street, one block from the Pacific Garden Mall. Donations always needed, especially furniture, clothing, and collectibles in good condition! Volunteers are needed to help with sales and receipts, sorting items, and transportation of donations—please contact us if you can help. And please like us on Facebook!

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About Project Purr

Project Purr is an all-volunteer, nonprofit rescue organization for feral cats and kittens in Santa Cruz County. We fund a spay/neuter TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) program, and offer resources for feral cat colony caretakers and those who want to learn more about TNR.

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